Emma Jaye

Author and reviewer

The Dream Agency follows the fortunes of a modern day Djinn, a being that feeds off the emotions he produces in humans.
Granting wishes in public has been backfiring on his kind for centuries, but an enterprising demon has to move with the times, hiding his nature under a scientific guise, his company claimed to make dreams come true through hypnosis, but not all dreams are pleasant, or have happy endings, after all even a Djinn needs a balanced diet between sugary sweet love, and hot and spicy anger or pain.

Dream Agency 1: Western Wishes

​​Life as a faceless office worker in London, is lonely for a painfully shy wallflower who is paranoid that someone is watching her every move. Finding out that she had an ancestor with the same name, a woman that led a romantic and important life in the Old West, leads her to an experience of a lifetime, only it isn't her life.
In hindsight, maybe agreeing to a ‘totally authentic’ experience wasn’t as good an idea as the people at the Agency had insisted. Mind numbing terror and pain, didn’t fit into the ‘enjoyable’ category as far as she was concerned, but perhaps someone else was getting more of a kick out of this than the client. On the other hand she has to admit that getting to know her leading man was quite another matter.

Dream Agency 2: Physical Therapy

​People just don’t come to the Dream Agency to have their fantasies fulfilled. Sometimes their techniques are able to heal damaged minds, that is, if you’re willing to pay the price of treatment.
Waking to find yourself naked in a cage, obviously in someone’s barbarian dominance fantasy, is not Delta’s idea of fun, especially without the usual hypnotic personality change to fit her role. To her knowledge the agency was infallible, so what was the purpose of this scenario? Is his controlling dominance for her benefit, or her urge to resist for his?

Dream Agency 3: Melting Memories

How does an intelligence, handsome man like Sigma end up working for a Djinn, gladly letting himself be manipulated and controlled for the satisfaction of a callous supernatural being?
For a womanising, extreme sports addict with nearly unlimited funds, the life of tedious responsibility his family want him to lead has little appeal. As their youngest son moves further into adulthood, they are prepared to go to extreme lengths to turn him into a man who brings honour to the family name, rather than an embarrassing playboy who is featured regularly in scandal columns.
A simple arctic cruise is chosen for the setting for his proposed transformation, courtesy of the fledgling Dream Agency; but no matter if you are a playboy or a two thousand year old supernatural being, it pays to pick your friends carefully.